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General Landscape


We can do it all when it comes to maintaining your outdoor living spaces. We can trim, prune and fertilize established plants and small trees, and also plant new bushes, flowers and evergreens.


General Hardscape


Our hardscape construction capabilities include excavation, retaining walls, sidewalks, driveways, porches, decks, lawn and garden structures


About Us

With our experienced team of landscape designers, Mario’s Landscape Services can design and build a distinctive outdoor living environment that will give enjoyment for years to come and increase your property value. Whether you are interested in residential or commercial landscaping in Maryland & Washington Mario’s Landscape Services has the experience, design staff and work crews to meet your needs.

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bs stamp u348We use only the finest plants and materials and everything we do is 'guaranteed'. We understand how hard it is to find a representable company in today's industry, people tell us all the time that they would rather deal with one contractor verses several, that's why we offer a large variety services, including landscape maintenance, walls, walkways, patios, decks, fences, arbors, Gazebos, ponds, night lighting, drainage and gutter cleaning, driveways, new lawns, irrigation systems and complete seasonal maintenance packages based on your specific needs and requests.

We are fully equipped with a large fleet of trucks and commercial equipment that will assist in any project that you may acquire. We offer consultation to all interested in having their property re-evaluated for a new and improved appearance, why not take advantage of this opportunity and call us today ph: (301) 464 - 3242 .



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